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Denton-Wood Funeral Home
Family Owned and Operated


Prearrangement is planning today for funeral, cremation, and cemetery needs. It is sitting down with your family to make those important decisions together, rather than alone, at the time of need. It lessens the burden at a time when decisions about caskets, flowers, and how much to spend are too much to bear for your family when you are gone.

The Benefits to Prearranging

  1. Your Family: The most important reason for prearranging your funeral is to spare your family the worry of having to make important decisions at an emotionally difficult time. During this stressful time, even the most sincere desire to create a fitting tribute can result in emotional overspending and other regretful decisions.
  2. Peace of Mind: You may have special wishes concerning your funeral arrangements. Our Thoughtful Decisions Guide will provide you with a document showing your wishes in writing. You can go over each section with your family, making decisions such as favorite hymns and bible verses together. With this guide, you know everything will be taken care of according to your wishes.
  3. Saving Money: If you choose to pay for your prearranged services now, it will lock in the price of goods and services selected at today's price. In doing this, you will also ease the financial burden on your surviving loved ones.

Remember, estate planning is incomplete until you have taken care of funeral prearrangement. Throughout your life, you have given thoughtful consideration to the important decisions you have made. You have prepared for those things that might happen by taking out fire or health insurance. Doesn't it make sense to prepare for those things that will happen?

Don't be misled in thinking that the military, the veteran's organization, Social Security, Medicare, or Medicaid will take care of final expenses. These organizations will be helpful, but it will not completely erase all the expenses involved in an untimely death.

Important decisions about your funeral service should not be made at the last minute. Your family will be under the most intense and difficult emotional stress of their lives when they face the reality of your death. By not prearranging, you run the risk of your family foolishly spending too much on a lavish service. The way to avoid this is to make your wishes known, in advance, with our Thoughtful Decisions Guide. With this guide, you can go over your wishes with your family and make sound decisions in the privacy of your own home. The guide can then be securely filed with our funeral home.

When you decide to prearrange, you may wish to speak to one of our funeral arrangement specialists. They will be available any time to answer any questions you have about prearranging, such as:

  1. What if I move after I have prearranged my funeral?
  2. What if I prearrange in my community and then die away from home?
  3. What if I change my mind about my arrangements?

Knowing your wishes were made in advance can bring peace of mind to you and your loved ones. Prearranging your funeral or cremation service is a decision you make, but it's a decision that will affect all of the people you love and who love you most. Denton Wood Funeral Home invites you to come by or call us for more information about your pre-arrangement options.