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Family Owned and Operated

Financial & Credit Obligations

If you are in charge of the estate after a loved ones dies, you will need to be aware of any financial obligations he or she may have had, such as loans or credit card debt. When looking into these debts, check to see if any are covered by credit life insurance. Credit life insurance may pay for all or part of the balance due upon death. If the deceased had credit life insurance, you will need to contact the office to find out how to file a claim.

Credit Cards

Notify the credit card companies regarding the death of your loved one. They will inform you of any outstanding debt the deceased may have and assist you with payment options.

Retirement Funds

Make sure to contact all sources of retirement funds so that you can apply for any benefits due you.

Bank Accounts

For joint accounts, request a release from the bank. If the account requires two signatures, you will need to obtain a release before you can withdraw funds from the account.

When taking care of financial obligations or looking into retirement fund benefits, you will need to have a copy of the death certificate on hand given that it will be requested.


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